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Biking Overview

Biking In Uttarakhand

One who has ever tried mountain biking will be thrilled by it’s sheer excitement. The moment you sit down on the saddle and started pedaling, it will be an obsession for you to perfect the art of mountain biking. The Great Indian Himalayas enclose some of the best cycling escapades that a cyclist looks for in its adventure trip. Himalayan Biking in India works as a pretty good adventure experience for those who love to explore the unbeaten tracks and not so frequently visited paths.

Riding a bicycle in Garhwal Himalaya can become an adventure if you really love to seek magnificent surroundings. No it’s not like a Tour de France! But can be quite an expedition to bring out that explorer from you. Peak Adventure Tours enclose some of the best cycling escapades that a cyclist looks for in its adventure trip in Garhwal.

Mountain biking of course requires fitness as the Indian terrain is both rugged and rough, especially the North Indian ones. The balancing act is also important, as good balance will also help you to climb steep pitches. Mastering the control fact also becomes a good confidence booster for a biker, especially on Garhwal Himalaya mountain bike trails where numerous surprises can always catch one unaware. Speed Control is another thing that one has to keep in mind while riding the Indian mountainous region. Going uphill usually turns out to be more challenging so keep the speed control in mind too. Always alert in Garhwal Himalaya while on biking.

One can make a beginning in an area, which does not initially require much exertion. The Terai forests along the foothills of Nainital give one an introduction to the pleasures of cycling and yet do not unduly tax your physical capabilities. One can start from Thakurdwara and cycle on to Ramnagar on the outskirts of Corbett Park . From there, a scenically attractive road runs through Kaladhungi, once home of Jim Corbett on to Haldwani. Along the way, there are numerous side roads, which you can take to explore the interior of the Sal and Teak forests that run alongside the road.

Safety Requirements
You need to be fit as Indian trails tend to be narrower, steeper, with sharper turns, and with unavoidable obstacles such as rocks, roots, and water bars. Sometimes they are built along the sides of steep slopes with varying amounts of exposure. Generally, go slower on narrow single tracks than you ordinarily would — until you get used to steering down such a confining course. Obstacles pose a special problem… To get over a root or water bar or rock, approach it from a right angle, compress the front of the

bike just before hitting it, and pull up with your arms as you reach it.
Know your equipment, your ability, and the area in which you are riding and prepare accordingly. Be self-sufficient at all times. Wear a helmet, keep your machine in good condition, and carry necessary supplies for changes in weather or other conditions.

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