Askot Wildlife Sanctuary Uttarakhand

Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is a majestic destination located in the middle of a snow covered peak in the Kumaon Himalayan at an elevation of 5412 feet in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is a majestic destination for the nature enthusiast.

The Sanctuary is rightly known as the green paradise of India. The wildlife sanctuary is positioned 54 km from Pithoragarh near Ascot in Uttarakhand. The sanctuary covers an area of 284 square kilometers.

The Askot Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1986 with the object of conserving the musk deer and its habitat. Though the musk deer are present in significant numbers in the sanctuary, they required further protection as they are an endangered species.

Flora and Fawn

The Ascot sanctuary has been is blessed with a large collection of herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers. The rich vegetation in this locality such as Teak, Grevelia, and Eucalyptus makes it one of the most prolific places to visit.

Species Found :Leopard, Black Beer, Spotted Deer, Snow Cock, Kakar, Tahr, Musk Spotted Deer, Chukoras, Pheasant , Sparrow and a number of species of birds and many more.

How to Reach

By Air : Adjacent airport is Naina Sani in Pithoragrah, At a Distance of less than 60 kms.

By Rail :Adjacent railway station is Tanakpur ,Distance 204 kms.

By Road : From Pithoragarh at a distance of 55 kms, From Almora at a distance of 150(approx.) kms.


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