Bhagwat in Badrinath

Bhagwata have great importance in Hindu Mythology written by Ved Vyasa, it is considered that by listening the Katha of Srimad Bhagwat ultimately brings freedom from the world and it gives salvation from birth and rebirth to human beings. Srimad Bhagwata is also known as Srimad Bhagavata Maha Purana, is all about divine tales of 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu which is primarily focused on Lord Krishna or Swayam Bhagwan. Bhagwata Purana is considered to be purest and greatest Puranas because it invokes the devotion (Bhakti) towards the Narayana or Vishnu. The main focus of Shri Bhagwata is lord Krishna as it was complete incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It provides the means of becoming free from the material world with the process of knowledge & devotion to god. Those who understand, hears and chants the verses of Bhagwata Purana attains Moksha the ultimate stage described in Hindu mythology.

The Bhagwata is also well –known  as a source  of Krishna stories about the young Krishna’s playful and mischievous. Childhood. The stories are often read to Children.

The Bhagwata recited first time by Ved Vyasa’s son Shuka to King Parikshit who was dying and wanted to listen about Krishna. It took seven days to recite the entire Bhagwata Purana, including question and answers from King and Muni Shuka.

Since then it became the part of life and every Hindu wanted to hear or chant or recite the Bhagwata during their life time. It is believed that not only those who are present there but also their forefather, ancestor will be liberated from the cycle of life. Once you are there at the place where Bhagwata Katha is being recited you will witness tremendous energy is flowing into your body and your soul is transforming towards a different vision in a new perspective. There would be a complete metamorphosis, a complete transformation, literally a new birth. It is a vital scripture for Vaishavites. Organizing or performing such a function at the places where the Lord Vishnu is worshiped is a great achievement.

We will help you arranging a Katha of Bhagawata at Sri Badrinath Dham whichwas established as one of the most important Dhams among the other four dhams of Hindu religion. Badrinath itself is mentioned in Bhagwata Purana.

Badrinath is sacred place because Lord Vishnu’s dual form of Nar (As Human) and Narayan (the God) himself did austerity at Badri van or Badrikashram for Many years. Performing Bhagwat Katha at Badridham would be an experience of life time. The mountain around Badrinath have significance in Epic Mahabhartha also according to local legends the pandavs passed through this place while their way to Swarga (Heaven).

Also there is a cave near Badrinath in Mana Village, where Ved Vyasa wrote Mahabharat.Badrinath Temple is among the most visited temple by Hindu Devout. The area around Badrinath was celebrated in Padma Purana as abounding in spiritual treasures. You are welcome to take the opportunity to be the part and perform Anusthan of Bhagwata Katha function in Badrinath.

It is well said that ShrimadBhagwat is a guide for the conduct of Human beings in all their affairs.


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