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100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India
This 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training course will ensure you are taken through all of the asanas from the Hatha style of yoga, leading towards some Ashtanga vinyasa. It will give you a holistic style of exercise, different from that of conventional forms of exercise, creating awareness, concentration, relaxation, and peace within.

This will build you a firm foundation of understanding and knowledge including, mainly:

  •  Yoga philosophy: Taking you back to the beginning of the yogic way, educating and then strengthening your familiarity with this essential ancient information.
  •  Pranayama (breathing techniques): gaining control over breath is an ancient way to aid meditation, improve the flow of air to the lungs which helps to purify the mind and body more effectively.
  •  Meditation & mantras: using vibrations of sound to a deeper connection with the surrounding and become more focused, lending towards an uncluttered mind.
  •  Yoga asanas (postures) & alignment: gaining an understanding of the human bodies' complex systems and their functions e.g. the nervous system, digestive system, and respiratory system.

Rest assured that this course is not only for those who wish to begin their path of becoming a yoga teacher or instructor. It is also for those who are keen to deepen their passion and understanding of yoga and also better their practice for personal progression. Regardless of your intentions, it will ensure you have your key and most basic postures and knowledge rooted within your mind and body. On completion of this course, you will be feeling enlightened, energized and focused, ready to take on the next chapter of your yoga journey.

To clarify, this course will raise your awareness of Yoga as not only a form of exercise, but as a disciplined way of daily life. Also, it will build a foundational understanding of the range and depth of Yogic principles with some of the top teachers and philosophers in Rishikesh. Your time with us at the ashram/your home will be an enjoyable one, not to be forgotten. You will be treated like family by all of us here at the ashram with positive and inspirational energy.

The duration of the course is as referred to as their course levels such as 100 hours (14 days), 200 hours (25 days), 300 hours (33 days) or 500 hours (60 days).



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