Dayara bugyal Butter festival (Anduri Uttsav).

Butter ki Holi with milk, butter and chhaach (butter milk) at an altitude of 10,000 feet on a Himalayan range at Dayara Bugyal.

Butter festival also called Anduri Uttsav. Raithal It is enjoyed as Holi festival enjoyed in north India.

Villager and some nearby village organized milk for this festival. They are seen communicating their affection for the Dayara knolls, which give grain to their cattle.

This is celebrated in August 16 to 18 every year. Local people rush with their steers to the meadow of Dayara.

In the range of 500 villagers, who are seen playing Holi with butter milk on the slopes of Dayara.

This is celebrated after Mansoon young people enjoy dance and sing cultural song with palying Butter holi.

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How To Reach Dayara Bugyal

To reach Dayara Bugyal one has to take a flight up to Dehradun Airport or train services available for Dehradun and Haridwar on arrival one has to take road transportation for Barsu. From there a short trek for Dayara to reach Dayara Bugyal

Nearest Airport :- .Jolly Grand Dehradun

Nearest Railway Station :- Haridwar

By Road :- Road connectivity is up to base of the Dayara Bugyal amiable from there you have to go for a short trek.

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