Uttarakhand is a region which has some of the most majestic places, and also provides some outstanding natural beauty. It is a part of the Greater Himalayan ranges and is covered by beautiful Himalayan peaks and glaciers. Two very important and holy rivers of India, the Ganga and Yamuna start their journey from here. In this article, we provide you information about Uttarakhand weather.

Uttarakhand mainly has two different climatic regions, namely, the hilly terrain and the smaller plain region. So, the weather is also quite varied, depending on the particular place.


Summers in the plain region of Uttarakhand have similar climate as other surrounding plain regions of different states i.e.  the maximum temperature can cross the 40°C mark and there can be considerable humidity. Warm temperate conditions prevail in the Middle Himalayan valleys with temperature around 25°C making it an idle getaway for people of the plains to beat the heat. However, in the higher areas of middle Himalayas the temperature is around 15 to 18°C, still pleasant.  The season extends from April to June.


The Climate of Uttarakhand during summers in the plain region can be chilly with temperatures going below 5°C mark. The winters in the middle Himalayan valleys are very cold and in the higher areas the temperature can drop below the freezing point. The Himalayan peaks remain snow capped throughout the year and many places receive regular snowfall. Throughout the state the temperature ranges from sub-zero to 15°C and the season lasts from November to February.


The monsoon is the most pleasant season when temperature differs from 15 to 25°C at most places which reigns from July to September. The state receives 90% of its annual rainfall in this season.  The eastern parts of Himalayas are subjected to heavier rainfalls when westerns are relatively drier.

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